Workers' Compensation

Reporting an Injury

All work-related injuries must be reported within 24 hours to human resources and equal opportunity. Forms must be completed by the injured employee. The following is the sequence of procedures to follow when an injury occurs at work:

  • Immediately notify your supervisor, or the person acting on their behalf, and human resources and equal opportunity of your injury (unless it is life threatening).
  • To receive immediate emergency medical treatment for an injury, contact campus police for assistance at extension 6111.
  • If you require routine medical treatment, contact human resources and equal opportunity first, if possible.  You may be treated by the physician of your choice. Inform the physician that this is a work-related injury. Please review the attached memo entitled Injured Workers' Guide to Medical Treatment from the Human Resources Division/Workers' Compensation Section in Boston. 
  • Even if you do not seek medical treatment, you must report the injury to human resources and equal opportunity within 24 hours and fill out the appropriate paperwork.
  • If you feel your injury is serious enough for you to be out of work for five days or more, obtain a "Physician's Report" from human resources and equal opportunity before going to the doctor. If this is not possible, please contact human resources and equal opportunity within 24 hours.
  • A written note from the doctor is needed if you are going to be out of work. Bring this note, which includes a diagnosis and estimated date of return to work, to human resources and equal opportunity the day it is received.
  • You must contact the Utilization Review Board at The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Workers' Compensation Section of the Human Resources Division, within 72 hours of your injury if there is any medical treatment involved. Their phone number is 1.800.266.7991.

PLEASE NOTE:  Failure to follow the above procedures may jeopardize the payment of any medical bills or Workers' Compensation benefits.

If you have any questions, please contact Patty Bradford at extension 6078 or Pat Hanson at extension 7229.