Health Insurance Plans

GIC Insurance Plans

The Group Insurance Commission offers coverage through the plans listed below. Also listed, are links to some of the plan’s prescription drug programs. For more information, you may click on the links. You may obtain a Benefits Decision Guide [PDF] and/or information package on each plan from the HR Benefits Coordinator. Call Meghan Carty at 978.542.6030 or email

As of July 1, 2009, all active employees saw an increase in their basic life and health insurance premiums. Employees hired after June 30, 2003, now pay 25 percent and employees hired on or before June 30, 2003, pay 20 percent.

Comparison Cost of health insurance monthly rates between July 2014 - July 2015 [PDF]
As of July 1, 2009 the following health plans are offered at Salem State:

Plan Name



UniCareState Plan CommonwealthIndemnity Plan Basic w/ CIC


UniCareStatePlan Indemnity Basic w/o CIC


UniCareStatePlan Indemnity PLUS


UniCareStatePlan Indemnity Community Choice


UniCareStateIndemnity Plans Prescription Drugs (Express Scripts


UniCare State Indemnity Plans and Navigator by Tufts Health Plan's Mental Health/Substance Abuse and EAP (United Behavioral Health access code: 10910)


Navigator by Tufts Health Plan (PPO) Prescription Drugs (CareMark)
(setup own log in Id.)
To get forms you can go


Tufts Spirit Health Plan EPO

Prescription Drugs


Set up own log in ID

To get forms you can go to



Harvard Pilgrim Independence Plan (PPO) Prescription Drugs (BioScrip)
(Pharmacy Program/Mail Service/



Fallon Community Health Plan:
Direct Plan
Select Plan
Prescription coverage - contact plan.
User name: GIC
Password: FCHP


Health New England
Prescription coverage - contact plan.


Neighborhood Health Plan:
NHP Care
Prescription coverage - contact plan.



Employees are eligible to join a health plan during their first 10 working days of employment. Changes to health plans may also be made during annual enrollment in April-May each year. There are other qualifying events (i.e. birth/adoption of a child, marriage, divorce, loss of spouse's benefits, etc.) that allow for enrollment in health plans outside of the annual enrollment period.

Making a Choice of Health Plans

Please remember that no one plan is right for everyone. If you have specific health concerns or if you or a family member takes an expensive prescription drug, call each plan and find out 1) how each plans tiers their drugs (this can vary between plans), 2) are the doctors you currently go to members of the plan, 3) what are the co-pays for hospitalization, normal routine checkups, specialists visits, 4) does the plan cover where you live, when you travel out of state or overseas, 5) are the hospitals you prefer to go to in the plan’s network, 6) does the plan have discount programs to fitness centers, eyeglasses, etc., and 7) your family member’s health condition and the cost of the plan and if it fits your budget.

Annual Enrollment

Every year in the April/May timeframe you will receive a new Benefit Decision Guide and information about changes to any of the above plans. Employees have the opportunity in annual enrollment to change health care providers if they wish to. If you don’t want to make a change, do nothing and your current health plan will remain in effect for the next calendar year. Changes made during the annual enrollment become effective on July 1. You pre-pay for your benefits one month in advance so any premium increase for July 1 will be reflected in your June payroll deductions. 

Leaving State Employment

Because your benefits are pre-paid one month in advance, when you leave State employment your benefits do not end until the end of the following month. For example if you leave on January 15, your benefits do not end until February 28.  Note:  if you leave in the beginning of a month your payroll deductions for the month may not have been taken out to pre-pay in full for the next month, therefore the Group Insurance Commission will bill you for any missed deductions. Failure to pay this bill will result in the termination of your coverage at an earlier date.

HIPPA Notice of Portability Rights - This notice describes certain HIPAA protections available to you under federal law when changing your health insurance coverage.  

Privacy Practices (HIPAA), Notice and Acknowledgement Forms

Leave of Absence - Please read this section on how your benefits are affected while on the various types of leaves.

Qualifying Events - Please read this section and how it relates to your benefit coverage if you experience one of the following life events:  Marriage/Remarriage/Divorce/Legal Separation/Birth/Adoption/Death of Spouse

Assistance - Please feel free to contact the Group Insurance Commission directly at 617.727.2310 or your GIC on-campus Benefits Coordinator, Meghan Carty, at extension 6030.