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Due to the ongoing winter storm, the university will be closed on Wednesday.

January 28, 2015

Friends of the School of Education

Members of the Friends of the School of Education include alumni and faculty of Salem State University. The friends organization, established in 1994, has a deep appreciation for the founding of the university as an institution dedicated to the training of teachers. 

The goals of the friends organization are to:

  • Join alumni with one another and the university; 
  • Create opportunities for both alumni and students;
  • Recognize outstanding contributions to education;
  • Advocate strongly for education in the Commonwealth;
  • Develop ways to financially support special projects or programs for the School of Education; and
  • Serve as a resource for mentoring, networking and professional development.

Board of Directors

  • Andrea Liftman '75G, president
  • Carla Guarnier '75, vice president
  • Julie Murray '99, treasurer
  • Patricia M. Libby '71, secretary
  • Marilyn E. Flaherty '54 historian

Board Members

  • Jacqueline M. Coogan '70
  • Rose DeLuca '73, '03G
  • Marilyn E. Flaherty '54  
  • Dorothy M. Foley '48  
  • Joseph Greenberg '66
  • Sheila P. Kearney '54, '67G
  • Edna A. Mauriello '44
  • Jane Murphy '00
  • Jo-Anne Murphy '77G
  • Ellen Nichols '76, '94G
  • Merle Schell '03G
  • Rudolph Weekes '96  
  • Joanne Wortman '96G