Computer Service for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff Responsibilities

The following are the responsibilities of all members of the campus computing community:

  • maintain up-to-date virus protection
  • perform backups of critical data
  • maintain the security of logon passwords
  • avoid unsafe computing
  • use network drives for critical data
Workstation Support

The computer repair center provides onsite support for Macintosh and Windows computers and printers. Requests for service or repair should be made to the IT help desk at ext 2036. University-owned laptops should be brought to the repair center at the Stanley Building. 

Scope of Service

The repair center will provide support for hardware, operating system, network, and selected applications on supported platforms. Specific services for computers included:

  • timely software installations for requested software (departments may be charged for some software and software upgrades)
  • problem resolution (operating system, supported software, and network functions)
  • hardware repairs for equipment under warranty

The repair center provides support for software upgrades (Win7, Office 2010, Office 2011 for Macs, SPSS) and incident-based troubleshooting, but does not include day-to-day system administration. This means that users retain full control of and responsibility for administration of their systems, including data stored on their systems. Important data should be stored on network drives to prevent data loss.

Supported Platforms and Applications

The software platforms and applications used by faculty and staff include:

  • Macintosh
  • Windows
Operating Systems
  • Windows 7
  • Mac System 10.4 or later


The Dell advantage program (offering a 3-year lease on a Dell) has been very successful and is recommended for maintaining a current hardware and software configuration. Macintosh and other Windows systems will vary based on manufacturer.

Productivity Software
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2010 or 2011 
Mail Client
  • Outlook, OWA, Windows Mail, Macintosh Mail, Outlook 2011
Web Browser
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari 
Virus Protection
  • Microsoft Endpoint Protection and Avast Anti Virus
  • Outlook Calendar
Hardware Support

The repair center currently only provides hardware support for university owned computers. No hardware support will be provided for computers more than six years old.

Apple Computers  

Hardware support will be offered for university purchased systems until the manufacturer's warranty expires.   (Information technology strongly recommends the purchase of three-year warranties with all purchased systems.)

Employee personal laptops

If you are employed at the university and you are interested in buying a computer for yourself, please look at these competitive offers from Dell and from Apple. .

Purchasing Computers

Budget constraints have put the normal refresh program on hold. Faculty who need to replace equipment must seek approval from the department chair and the dean. The standard equipment purchase is a Dell desktop or laptop (one computer per person). A Mac can be purchased, with the understanding that support is not available on campus and all repair work will need to be sent out. When approved and funding received, replacements will be purchased.