What systems can I use on the Salem State network?


What is acceptable for placement on the network and what is not? You cannot just plug in anything to our network (this only applies to students in residence halls). All employees (staff, faculty, administrators) need to contact ITS before connecting anything (other than a basic computer or printer) to the network.

Any device that is a ROUTER and/or a WIRELESS ACCESS POINT or any combination is not permitted. NO SERVERS are allowed. If the device has a Domain Name Server (DNS) or a Dynamic Host (DHCP) server, it is also not permitted. (EVEN IF THOSE FUNCTIONS ARE DISABLED). Basically, if the system has it, it's not permitted.

So, what is permitted?

-computers/laptops (not servers)

-gaming consoles

-flat-panel TV's*

-DVD/BluRay players*

-Hand-helds (smart phones, portable gaming systems, etc)

-"dumb" ethernet switches**

We do not endorse any particular one, just the technology. 

Why the limitation?
The reason for this prohibition is to protect the integrity of the network. Improperly installed routers can disable the wired network and any wireless router will interfere with our wireless network. We have made a significant capital investment to upgrade the wireless network to cover every building at the university.

Examples of units that are NOT allowed:

Wireless Media Server

Wired Router

Wireless Range Extender 

Wireless Router

Wireless Print and Media Server 

Examples of units that ARE allowed:




An inexpensive 5-port Gbs switch can be purchased for under $30. A 5-port 10/100 can be purchased for under $10.