Welcome to Career Services!

We offer comprehensive career planning support to undergraduate/graduate students and alumni.

• Helping them gain skills they can use throughout their lifetime and
• Empowering them to proactively manage their career.

• Assist students and alumni conduct a thorough self-assessment (clarifying values, interests, skills, and personality preferences).
• Provide access to occupational, job search, labor market, and graduate school information.
• Teach job search skills and strategies to enable students and alumni to conduct successful targeted job searches.
• Collaborate with employers to cultivate strong relationships that result in challenging employment opportunities for our students and alumni, and that satisfy employer needs.
• Encourage employers to engage with us by participating in career services events, informal class presentations and company project assignments for our students.


Walk In Service Hours

We have suspended walk in's for the summer. Please call the office at 978.542.6406 to scheule an appointment.