Employee ClipperCards

New Staff Card


New ClipperCard Design

As of May 2011 Salem State University began printing our new card design to all incoming faculty and staff. Your old ClipperCard (blue design) will continue to work with all the same great functions as before. The only thing that is changing is the card design. 

However, if you would like to update your card with the new and improved design, you can! Simply come to the ClipperCard office with your old card and trade it in for a new one.

*If you do not have your old ClipperCard to trade in we will need to make changes to your account that will effect your door access so please bring your old card with you if possible.

Why does an employee need a card?

The ClipperCard is your official university employee ID card, but it is more than that! This card is not just for students. It has multiple functions built into it, for example:

  • Your card holds an account which is similar to a debit card account where you can deposit "ClipperCash" to use both on and off campus to make purchases for your convenience without having to carry cash.
  • Take advantage of the 10% Employee Bonus ClipperCash we offer just for making a deposit
  • An access key card for select office and department entry on campus
  • University Wellness Center access card 
  • University library card
  • University computer lab assess card

Cards are required for all staff and only take two minutes to print. Please bring a state or government issued ID such as a license or passport with you.

When will your ClipperCard be available?

Employees that have been entered into the Employee Management System (EMS) can get their ClipperCard at the office during normal business hours. Please check with your supervisor to ensure that you have been entered into EMS. If you have not been entered into EMS you will not have a ClipperCard account. Once entered into EMS it can take 48 hours before your ClipperCard account is created.

Employee Incentive

Earn money just by using your card! As an incentive for employees to use their cards instead of cash both on and off campus. The ClipperCard office will deposit and additional 10% employee bonus ClipperCash to your account when you make a deposit!  What a deal!
To make a deposit simply visit salemstate.edu/get and sign in using your Navigator login.