Rewards Program

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Our latest ClipperCard Reward winners are...

Courtney Kent and Brianna Walsh each won $25 in ClipperCash, and Brandon Mahoney won a 4 year Student Advantage membership at the Friends and Family Carnival.

Ben Stewart and Kristen Valenzuela each won $25 in ClipperCash, and Jane Kenon-Bryan won a 4 year Student Advantage membership at our 3rd Annual ClipperCard Merchant Fair.

You may have heard about the ClipperCard rewards program from past winners. More rewards are on their way, so keep your eyes open and your card handy. Anyone that uses their ClipperCard is a candidate to win, criteria for winning involves spending and swipes. Check the Salem State Log, Facebook, and on our website for announcements of names chosen and for new features of your ClipperCard.

ClipperCard Rewards Program Rules

  • All members of the Salem State community (with a ClipperCard) are eligible to win. 
  • A member can only win once a semester. 
  • Notification to winners will be via school email and names will be posted in the Salem State Log, Facebook, and on our website. 
  • If the winner does not contact the ClipperCard office within one week of notification they forfeit the prize and they are once again eligible to win. 
  • NOTICE: The names and pictures of students or employees redeeming rewards will be posted on this website and the Salem State Log for purposes of advertising this program. 
  • We reserve the right to amend or modify the ClipperCard rewards program at any time and in any way.