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What is the ClipperCard?

The ClipperCard is a university identification card. It also holds multiple spending accounts which are great tools to teach your student the responsibility of budgeting and managing money each semester without the debt risk that a credit card can bring. The ClipperCard allows your student to make purchases on campus and off campus, and also provides access to many different resources on campus.

Getting a ClipperCard

All students will get their first card for free at the ClipperCard office as part of their orientation. Students will need a Government issued photo ID (License, State ID, Passport are all accepted).

Upload ClipperCard Photo:

Students can submit a photo for their ClipperCards online by logging onto (sign in using your Navigator login)  Visit Upload ClipperCard Photo and review the guidelines and make sure your picture will be appropriate.

Meal Plans

A commuter meal plan is mandatory for all first year day commuting students at Salem State University and students are automatically enrolled in the commuter meal plan every semester when enrolled in 12 credits or more. After the first year, students may drop the plan by contacting the ClipperCard office or the Bursar. This must be done before the deadline at the start of each semester.

All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan, which is determined by where they live on campus. Please click here for more student meal plan information and details.

Depositing funds

ClipperCash can be added to your student’s ClipperCard account 24-hours a day. We accept all major credit cards for ClipperCard deposits. The minimum deposit is $10. 

Deposits can be made:

• Online: By visiting You must have the student's ID number to add ClipperCash to their account. View step by step instructions by clicking here.

• By Mail: We accept check or money orders made payable to: Salem State University. Please include a deposit form with the student's ID number and your payment. Please send both items to the ClipperCard office for processing.

*Please note: ClipperCash can NOT be used to pay student bills

Students are able to view their ClipperCard balance, history, and report their card lost, found or stolen from anywhere 24-hours a day by logging on to  A new ClipperCard is $25 to replace.

If you have additional questions for the ClipperCard Office please email or call us at 978.542.2273 and we would be happy to answer your questions.