Operation ID

The Salem State University Police Department has implemented its Operation Identification program campus-wide. Officers are providing an opportunity for engraving personal valuables at residence halls and work locations.

Operation I.D. has become very popular at many colleges and universities across the country because it provides a deterrent to thieves. If an item is stolen, the engraved number (usually the owners choice of number) or the serial number can be entered into law enforcement computer data bases. Property recovered by other law enforcement agencies is checked against these data bases and the owner can be identified for return of their property. Popular items selected for engraving are:

  • personal computers and peripherals
  • coffee and tea makers
  • scientific calculators
  • microwaves
  • television sets
  • radios and stereos
  • bicycles
  • personal specialized tools
  • auto etching program (in conjunction with the Governors auto theft task force)

If you have any questions, please contact our Crime Investigations Division at 978.542.6125 for a copy of the Crime Prevention Personal Inventory List, and as always feel free to drop by to set up an appointment to have your belongings engraved.

  • Got a Question? Tel: 978.542.6511 Tel: Emergency: 6111