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ClipperCard Merchant Program

ClipperCard Merchant Program

ClipperCard Program Facts

  • ClipperCard program started July 2005
  • Identification card
  • On campus meal plan card
  • Card to access "ClipperCash" account
  • Library card
  • Door access card
  • All full-time day students have funds added to account each semester
  • Currently over 10,000 carded patrons
  • Off-campus merchant program started fall 2006
  • Over 229,000 transactions and spent over $1,700,000 at local businesses as of FY13.


ClipperCard Merchant Program Benefits

Financial Benefits 

  • Daily automated ACH payments
  • Reduced cash handling expenses
  • Increased speed of service vs. "cash" tender transactions
  • Debit account payment dependability and security
  • Card carried by all students, faculty and staff
  • Access to campus debit card funds pool
  • Competitive advantage over non-participating merchants

Operation of Benefits

  • Historical increase in traffic and sales
  • Student and employee payment convenience
  • Online access to sales, customer count and other reports

Marketing Benefits

  • New marketing and revenue vehicle
  • No cost advertising and marketing medium
  • Program support and funding by parents
  • New university student and employee merchant visibility
  • Inclusion in ClipperCard reward promotions
  • University website business listing and visibility
  • Card program link to your website
  • Inclusion in card program email blasts
  • Listing on Salem State ClipperCard networking page

Requirements to participate:

  1. VeriFone Vx570 Dual Comm Terminal on an IP/Network line (It's recomended not to order a terminal till after an on-site meeting and technical discussion with ClipperCard staff)
  2. Photo verification of cardholders
  3. Signed merchant agreement
  4. Merchants agree to pay Salem State commission fee equal to 10 percent of the gross ClipperCard purchases.

Process of becoming a partner is:

  1. Submit application
  2. Salem State administration reviews application
  3. Feedback is requested from student organizations in order to determine if there is any interest in the applicant. Pending student’s feedback, location will be contacted to move forward with the process.
  4. Locations will be contacted to have an onsite meeting/technical assessment with business management.
  5. Merchant agreement (contract) is signed by merchant and Salem State.
  6. Merchant orders equipment (more details discussed at onsite meeting).
  7. Salem State ClipperCard office staff will install equipment at location and on that day new location will go live. 

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