President's Corner

Watch a video message from Salem State President Patricia Maguire Meservey or read her remarks below.

Hello and welcome to the new edition of Salem Statement online. I’m Pat Maguire Meservey, president of Salem State University. Since our summer edition of the Statement, much has transpired. We are now officially Salem State University. We are proud of our new designation; it means much; it means so much more than just a name change.

For our alumni, the perception and value of their alma mater continues to be enhanced. For our regional businesses, they see the possibilities that exist for collaboration, cooperation, (and) research, and they look forward to employing our well-educated and well-prepared graduates in the near future. For our faculty and staff, the prestige will enhance their research, their quest for grants, and their work on behalf of our students. For our students, it means competing on a more equal footing, especially as 45 other states have already moved to state university systems.

There have also been some physical, transformative developments on campus. As alumni you may remember us as a commuter school. I’m reporting to you today from our new Marsh Hall, which opened this fall housing 525 additional students on campus. We now have 70 percent of our freshmen and 30 percent of our overall student body on campus. We are now a residential campus at Salem State University.

Construction has begun on a 124,000-square foot, four-story library and learning commons. There will be instructional laboratories and study areas for 1,000 students. As a signature building on campus, the library and learning commons will be a green building, and we’re striving for “lead gold,” the highest environmental achievement possible. It is on schedule to open in the fall of 2012. The library is but one example of the university’s calling to ensure that our students succeed. We continuously improve the quality and rigor of our academic programs, expand learning experiences and opportunities for students, hold ourselves accountable to the highest performance standards, and maintain our distinction as the most affordable pathway to a four-year degree in Massachusetts.

Another example is our graduate school where our programs our continually reviewed to make sure they’re matching with the regions professional and academic needs. We offer over 65 graduate programs including our recently launched certificate in hospitality, travel and tourism. Please visit our website to explore the variety of programs at the graduate level, certificate and institutes.

And we hope you, many of whom are alumni, will come and visit your campus here at Salem State University. You will find an alive, vibrant community of learners. And I hope you enjoy this edition of Salem Statement online. I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons for both you and for your families.