Colleen Hyde '08, Sport and Movement Science


“With 15 years of dance training and after a couple of semesters at another state university, I transferred to Salem State to embark on an undergraduate degree in Sport and Movement Science. Within the program, I took advantage of mentoring opportunities from the dedicated faculty. I knew that gaining experience would be important in helping me achieve success. I pursued opportunities at the Wellness Center, beginning as a receptionist, and currently as a nutritionist and supervisor. I also acquired certifications in spinning and group exercise at my directed field experience, General Electric’s corporate fitness center.  

I realized I wanted to pursue my master’s degree in a fitness-related field. A passion for nutrition led me to Northeastern University’s Applied Nutrition master’s program.

The completion of my master’s degree boosted my confidence in starting my own nutrition practice. I feel that the electives in business and marketing I took at Salem State also benefited me."

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