Laptop Help and FAQ

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What is the difference between Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome?

Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome are all web browsers. Each offers subtle differences in functionality and aesthetics but they all provide access to the World Wide Web.

How do I get Windows?

Windows operating systems can be downloaded for free by all current students. Visit the online software library at To login, create an account and follow the instructions provided. Please ensure your computer meets the system requirements before installing an operating system. 

Data Backup

What is data backup and why should I backup my data?

A data backup is basically a copy of files from a computer that can be recovered in the event that the original files become lost or damaged. It serves as an extra copy of your data in the event your computer crashes or some other unforeseen problem arises. Backups are vital in insuring that you have a copy of important documents in case of data loss due to a virus, hard drive failure, or other computer damage.

How do I backup my data?

Files can be saved from a computer onto a portable USB flash drive, an external hard drive, a CD or a DVD. Another convenient solution for keeping a backup is to use online storage such as OneDrive. In addition, most files can be attached and sent as an email message. 

Web Services

Where can I get help with Canvas?

Training for Canvas is available through general Canvas workshops scheduled during the semester. Visit Canvas Training at for more details.

What is Navigator?

Navigator is a student’s personal portal page containing links to many of the university’s web based resources such as class registration, grading, email, online learning tools, clippercard, and more.

Wireless Access

Is there wireless on campus?

Yes. There are wireless access points in each academic building. There are also wireless access points in the common areas and the residence halls.

Recommended Laptop 

What does it cost?

A recommended Dell will cost approximately $999 not including taxes. This price includes Dell’s complete care accidental damage warranty.

Is financing available for the purchase?

Yes, financing options are available directly through Dell for those who qualify.  To apply for financing or for more details contact a Dell customer service representative.  Additional options may be available through the Financial Aid Office.

If my laptop is being repaired, can I borrow a loaner?

If you purchased a recommended Dell laptop you will be eligible to use a loaner if your recommended laptop cannot be repaired within 48 hours.  The loaner can be used for the assigned time period during which your laptop is being repaired, and must be returned at the time you pick-up your laptop.

Why standardize?

By standardizing, we can provide the best support (both formal and informal) for a standard laptop computer. The Help Desk in the IT Department is well equipped to handle questions and problems with the standardized laptop model. You will also find an extensive peer-to-peer support group. The model we have chosen is tested for compatibility with the SSU network and comes loaded with the software you will need. On-campus repair is also available for the standard models

I'm a transfer student. Do I need a laptop computer?

Yes. Transfer students as well as all incoming undergraduate students are required to have a laptop computer.

I am an undergraduate, but not an incoming freshman. Can I get a laptop computer? I am a graduate student. Can I still get a laptop computer?

Yes. All students at Salem State University are eligible to purchase a laptop.

I ordered a recommended system online. When will I receive my laptop computer?

If purchasing a recommended Dell system please allow 10-14 days for delivery.

Do I need a printer on campus?

No, you do not necessarily need a printer on campus. Students can use the printers located in the library and in the ITS computer labs located in each academic building.