Pre-employment paperwork

Personal Data Form [PDF]

Social Security Form (SSA-1945) [PDF]

Acceptable Use Policy [PDF]

State Tax Form (M-4) [PDF]

Federal Tax Form (W-4) [PDF]

Direct Deposit Form [PDF]

Health Insurance Responsibility Disclosure Form (HIRD) [PDF]

OBRA Deferred Compensation Form (non-benefitted employees only) [PDF]

State Ethics Online Training Program [Word doc]

Acceptable I-9 Documentation List [PDF] (please be advised you either need to bring in a document from list A OR a combination of documentation from list B and C.)

OBRA-Smartplan Information

Smartplan Participant Information [PDF]

Smartplan Participant Distribution Options [PDF]

Smartplan Contribution Amounts [PDF]

Smartplan Highlights [PDF]

Non-GIC Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]