Picking Strong Passwords

image of password and username form

Our passwords are at the front line of defense against cyber crooks and pranksters. Attacking passwords is one of the oldest cyber attacks on the Internet. As such you should always pick a strong password. Follow the rules below to create a strong password:

  • Make it at least eight characters or more in length. The longer, the stronger.
  • Include three of the following four character types lowercase letters (a,b,c...), uppercase letters (A,B,C...), numbers (1,2,3...) and symbols (!~@+#$%^&*).
  • Never base it on a word found in a dictionary or place.
  • Avoid using keys close together on the keyboard such as 12345 or qwerty.

Managing Many Passwords

If you have many accounts it can be difficult to remember a unique password for each. In these situations people tend to write them down or reuse the same password for multiple services which creates additional risk. Below you will find several programs that can manage storage of many account passwords. These programs also contain features that can auto type passwords for you in many situations which saves time while increasing security.

  • KeePass: Free and supported on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile platforms.
  • LastPass: Free basic version, $1 per month PRO with additional features. Supported on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile platforms.
  • RoboForm: Free basic version $30 PRO. Basic interface and supported on Windows, Mac and mobile platforms.